Our dentists at Creative Smiles at WingHaven may suggest braces or retainers to modify your dental alignment, help with jaw alignment and attend to other issues as well. The following information will further explain how braces can help you oral health and the different options of braces that are available to you through our office.

Traditional Braces

This style is frequently used and typically the most cost-effective. The metal brackets are linked with one another with the help of archwires that align your teeth over time. Colored bands are also available to add some visual uniqueness to the braces.

Our dentist may ask you to wear the retainer around the clock for six months immediately after the removal of braces. After that, the duration for wearing a retainer can be shortened. 

 Our dentist at Creative Smiles at WingHaven can further assist with any of the above procedures. 

 Please feel free to call 636-561-6035 for an appointment or come to our office today. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have.